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An Introduction

I am a backpacker – and this is my travel blog.

As a backpacker I am also by definition a tourist. I believe that whether we self-identify as ‘all-inclusive’ vacationers, business travelers, or nomadic backpackers on a ’round-the-world trip, we are all tourists – sometimes even in our own backyards. It is my hope that this travel blog provides some insight into this reality.

As a virtual document of my travels, and a creative outlet where I can share my travel experiences through photographs, videos, and the occasional musing, the blog will cover topics such as , long-term travel, tourism, urban life, architecture, film, and food.

In the hopes that these entries find a real live human being on the receiving end, I want to preemptively invite said individuals to e-mail me, follow me on twitter, subscribe to my RSS feed, and all that 2.0 jazz. Friends, family, and kindred spirits are more than welcome to comment on individual posts or criticize my photos, and participate as armchair .

If you would like to know more about who I am and my planned itinerary, please visit the About page. Alternatively, you can check out my flickr and vimeo pages for further browsing.

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