Dreaming of the Beach © 2010 David Richler. All rights reserved.

Dreaming of the Beach

Since encountering the sub-zero temperatures of Beijing in January I’ve been having flashes of the beach on . I’ve been meaning to write about our week-long stay at Sunset Gecko, but I can’t seem to muster enough brain power to do it any justice…at least not at the moment. Perhaps when I adjust to the cold weather. For now, all I can share is how the beach looked from our beach-front gazebo.

  • Leslie Schachter

    Great range of colours… have you played around with HDR at all?

    • http://davidrichler.com Dave

      No, haven’t played around much with HDR. Just downloaded a plugin for Aperture though, so maybe I’ll experiment a little.
      With this photo I mostly played around with the contrast to bring out the sky better.

      That’s Lombok in the distance, by the way.