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Sunsets and Dreamclouds

I’ve come to realize that I am a sucker for a sky full of . It’s not that I don’t love a piercing clear blue sky, but add a few into the mix and I’m a happy man. So, I was ecstatic to be practically bathing in them during our recent flight from Hong Kong to Jakarta, via Singapore.

This was a welcome sight after barely seeing a trace of those powdery white pockets of water in either South Korea or China, where the refused to be anything but grey or blue.

Plans for Jakarta had already been set but after our flight was delayed for several hours we realized that fate had other ideas. Hovering above this dense bed of clouds, we wondered where we were going to sleep that night, and wake up the next morning. So we sunk back into our seats, and rested easy knowing that things were out of our control. Then the sun began to set, painting the sky a swash of oranges, greens, and yellows, turning the clouds below into an ocean of blues.

I have never experienced the beauty of a sunrise or sunset from the peak of a volcano (yet), or the mouth of a mountain range. And while Ive sat in the sand and watched the sun set over the ocean, I can’t imagine anything more mysteriously beautiful than flying high above the sky to see the sun dip beyond a limitless sea of clouds.

When we finally landed in Singapore we learned that our connecting flight to Jakarta had already been cancelled due to bad weather. Towards the end of the flight we had begun hatching a plant to convince the airline to put us on a plane to Bali the next morning rather than Jakarta, since we were only going to be spending a couple of days there. They said they couldn’t do it. It dawned on me that since we were going to be spending the night in Singapore anyways, why not spend a few more.

They said it was fine, but not on their dime. Obviously! we said…They put us in a taxi and sent us to the Orchid Hotel – free meals included. The next morning we hopped on a bus heading for Little India, where we’ll be eating Thalis and drinking sweet ginger tea until Monday! Satay, sandy beaches, and more await in Bali and Lombok…

And just because I can’t help myself, here’s another look…

  • Cary

    the photos are incredible–but it’s the writing that actually pulls my imagination into “your world”. so good!!!

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